Holy Week, Holy Space

Next week is Holy Week, the heart of our church year.  Let’s take a minute and think about what the word holy means, to give us a better picture of what this week could offer us.

HOLY = Set apart

Holy Week = Time set apart for God

prayers around the cross candles

What does it look like to have time set apart in your life?  So many things get scheduled into our days: work, activities, and chores.  But what about time for your spirit?  Do we set aside holy time for things that fill us spiritually, perhaps walks, prayer time, reading, silence, devotional study? Holy Week is a time reorder your life around spirit time.  The week is ordered not by our normal activities alone, but by the story of Jesus’s love for us.  When we set aside special time for worship during holy week we are letting spirit time order our lives.  This is not only a personal thing, but a communal thing.  Many other people are making the same choice to reorder their lives around Jesus’ love.  Together, we join together to support one another and connect with each other.  We gather to hear the story of our faith- the story that gives us meaning and hope in our lives.


The Story of the Week

During Holy Week we reflect on the last week of Jesus’ life starting with his procession into Jerusalem as the crowds cheered him on and shouted Hosanna- Save Now!  Palm Sunday

We worship with Holy Communion remembering Jesus’ last meal with his disciples and his final commandment for them to love each other as he loved them. Maundy Thursday

We reflect on the death of Jesus on the cross, and the great love with which Jesus laid down his life for all. Good Friday

Finally we celebrate that the grave could not hold Jesus- God has overcome death!  Christ is risen, and we as Christians are given new life in Christ! Easter Sunday

From glamorous glory- to heart-wrenching goodbyes- to the pain of the cross- to the fear and joy of new life- we hear the story of Jesus.  It is a story that is ‘for us, but not about us.’ It is for us, because it offers us all the love and forgiveness and grace that God has to offer in Christ.  But it is much, much bigger than a single person or even a single community.  It is about the world- the world that God loves.  This is the story of this great big love!  This is Holy Week.  Set aside time this week, to reorder your life around God’s love.  Give a gift to your spirit, and to your family by making holy space for worship and prayer.

In Christ’s abundant love-

Pastor Jamie

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